Why DHA?


Coming to DHA Corporation, employees will feel the friendliness and solidarity with a creative, dynamic and professional working environment to help maximize their capacity to develop together with the Company.


Salary policy
and welfare

HR policy determines the success of the Enterprise. Therefore, we always focus on building a system of salary, bonus, welfare and remuneration for employees suitable to each period and each stage of development, ensuring flexibility, fairness, compatibility and stability. commensurate with the level of dedication and competition in the labor market.

Policies include:

  • 13 monthly salary
  • Performance bonus
  • Health care insurance
  • In addition to annual leave according to regulations, employees also have leave to take care of family members, sickness,
  • Periodic vacations,
  • Mode of birthday gifts, gifts from March 8 to October 20, gifts for Mid-Autumn Festival, gifts for Lunar New Year…

and develop

With the mission of building a sustainable development and quality DHA Corporation, DHA Corporation is always interested in building its own culture, young, dynamic, creative and enthusiastic staffs with profession and solid bravery in the industry. life.


DHA Corporation always creates favorable conditions for employees to have the opportunity to train and develop in order to build a team of staff who are proficient in their profession, have professional ethics, and are enthusiastic in serving customers with a working style. professional. Including training programs: Integration training, knowledge improvement training, training of staff with development potential and management staff.


DHA always considers human resources as a core element and a valuable asset of an enterprise. The staff at DHA is lean, enthusiastic, dare to face challenges, determined to bring breakthrough solutions. The company pays special attention to human resource development through effective implementation of policies on training, skill improvement, and professional training for domestic and foreign employees. DHA is the gathering place of talented, brave, dynamic, creative people with a strong working spirit for good purposes. Each member of DHA is always proactive, strives to learn, constantly judge to improve himself, always the core value DECISION – HUMANITY – Boldness – INTEGRATION as a guideline to adjust all behaviors mine.

At DHA, each member identifies and considers this place as a second home, where they attach and spend most of their daily time living and working. In any role and position, we are always proud to be DHA people. With the highest sense of responsibility and management capacity, the DHA team has been bringing promising results in the first projects. The harmonious combination of departments is a premise for DHA to step by step achieve important milestones on the way to contribute positive values to society.

“DHA Corporation is a pioneer in investing in the core areas of Health – Sports & Real Estate, contributing many practical values to the community.”

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Copyright 2021 DHA Corp. All rights reserved.